Monday, April 20, 2009

CODE workshop resources

For participants in my April 22 CODE workshop, "Crying in the Cyber Wilderness," here are some resources to check out:

Twitter for beginners: Billed as a "Social Media Guide," the site has plenty of how-to and explainer articles about all the major social networking sites.

The Alban Institute: from
Congregations magazine, fall 2008: The New Connectivity: How Internet Innovations are Changing the Way We Do Church."

Additional Resources Print Resource Reaching Out in a Networked World: Expressing Your Congregations Heart and Soul by Lynne Baab (The Alban Institute, 2008)

“The New Connectivity” special issue of Congregations, Fall 2008, Volume 34:4.

Blog Posts

Activating a Brand on Twitter:

LinkedIn (and Facebook and Twitter): What's the Dif?

Cyber Sources

Christian Computing Magazine

Christian Video Magazine

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Richard Bass said...

Thanks for the links to Alban. You will probably be interested in the new resource on our Congregational Resource Guide. It's an expanded version of the article from "Congregations." See The Networked Congregation: Embracing the Spirit of Experimentation.