Monday, April 20, 2009

CODE workshop resources

For participants in my April 22 CODE workshop, "Crying in the Cyber Wilderness," here are some resources to check out:

Twitter for beginners: Billed as a "Social Media Guide," the site has plenty of how-to and explainer articles about all the major social networking sites.

The Alban Institute: from
Congregations magazine, fall 2008: The New Connectivity: How Internet Innovations are Changing the Way We Do Church."

Additional Resources Print Resource Reaching Out in a Networked World: Expressing Your Congregations Heart and Soul by Lynne Baab (The Alban Institute, 2008)

“The New Connectivity” special issue of Congregations, Fall 2008, Volume 34:4.

Blog Posts

Activating a Brand on Twitter:

LinkedIn (and Facebook and Twitter): What's the Dif?

Cyber Sources

Christian Computing Magazine

Christian Video Magazine